Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera srl for over 35 years offers a brokerage service for all types of leases.

Many years of experience led to a different and specific management for each type of contract, from the needs of the resident leaseholder, to the short-term contract for who remain in Venice for a limitd period (ie. work or study).

The promotion of the apartments for rent is divided according to a wide range of possible targets, advertising the properties on different channels (internet, front office, newspapers, magazines)

The main types of rentals

THE RESIDENTIAL RENTAL - Law n. 431 of 9th December 1998 art. 2

“Canone libero” contract is a stipulation in which the owner and tenants determine independently the fee and the other conditions.

The main characteristics (see: art. 2, law 431/98) are:
– duration of the contarct 4 years + 4 years (renewal);
– amount of the rent: free;
– tax relief for the owner: possible application of the so called Cedolare Secca
– draft contract: free.

  1. the “agreed rent” contract is a stipulation between the owner and the tenant where the rent is set by local agreements signed by the tenant organizations and those of the owners, the fee, in this case, will be below market prices. For this reason, the legislator ha sruled to grant, both the owner and the tenant, some tax advantages including deductions for personal income (Irpef), registration dury exemption.

The main characteristics are: (see: art. 2 paragraph 3, law 431/98):
– minimum duration of the contract: 3 years + 2;
– amount of the rent: established by the agreements between Territorial Unions of tenants and owners associations (it varies from municipality to municipality);
– tax relief for the owner: possible applications of the so called Cedolare Secca;
– tax relief for tenants: according to income brackets.


The contract for the so called “vincolati” is governed by Legislative Decree 22/01/2004 n. 42, to the provisions of art. 1 paragraph 2, letter a), Law n. 431/1988, and is subject to the rules contained in articles 1571 and following of the Civil Code. The contract duration is expressely established by the parties, and has no time limit.


It can only be signed in the presence of preven special conditions of the owner (ie. personal needs, ..) or of the tenant (ie. fixed-term employment contract).
– Duration: minimun 1 month, maximum 18 months, not renewable;
– Rent: agreed
– Tax reliefs: possible application of the so called Cedolare Secca.


– duration: at least 6 up to 36 months;
– rent: established between the territorial trade unions, universities and associations of students;
– tax relief for owner: possible application of the so-called Cedolare Secca.


The commercial properties such as shops and stores have contracts with a minimum duration of 6 years renewable for another 6 years. For hotels, accomodation structures and theatrical structures the minimum contract duration is 9 years renewable for another 9 years.

The essential steps of the lease

  1. Lease assignment to Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l.
  2. Eventual preparation of the property for the photographic service and visits

    • maintenance of the property, if necessary: paiting, maintenance of heater, applicances, ...
    • arrangement and/or additions of furniture and comfort: for furnished properties it is recommanded to furnish the sleeping area with quilts/comforters to make the property more attractive

  3. Professional photographic service
  4. Advertise of the property on all real estate portals with images and relative description also in other languages, and display in our showroom in Campo Santo Stefano
  5. Preparation of the advertisement campaing
  6. Contact all customers who left their details at our office for similar properties
  7. Preparation of graphics and of the announcement for the press advertising
  8. Start contacting customers by phone and e-mail
  9. On-site visit to the apartment by appointment with one of our representatives
  10. Eventual proposal to lease, signed and with deposit
  11. Check of financial guarantees and of the collected documentation:


    • Valid Identity docuemnt
    • Fiscal code
    • Employment contract and the last 3 payslips
    • Income tax statement
    • Any guarantees (bank guarantee, external guarantor, etc.)

    Legal entities

    • Business profile
    • Statements

    For foreigners - non-EU

    • Residency permit

  12. Signin of the contract
  13. Handover of prperty/handover report and opening checklist

Solving any issue related to the leased apartments


Allocation of incidental costs between the owner and the tenant


In the pdf below you will find an interesting table (published on the website of the City of Venice) showing the main allocations of the incidental expenses between the owner and the tenant.