Tourist Lets

Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera s.r.l. is specialized in the management of properties for tourist use. With the guarantee of our serveral years' experience in this field, our real estate agency offers an assistance and support service in all the steps required by a tourist let: from the discharge of the paperwork necessary to start the activity, to the tourist taxes, to the notification to the authorities of arrivials and departures of your guests.

Furthermore, relying on us, you will take advantage of additonal services such as:

  • A simultaneous advertising of your properties through multiple portals dedicated to tourism and international tour operators
  • A reception services with hostess running 24/24
  • A supply of excellent quality linen thanks to an external industrial laundry with daily, organized and punctual deliveries.
  • Professional cleaning of tourist apartments
  • Line hire for tourist apartments
  • A 24/24 assistance service for your guests
  • Luggage storage in our warehouses to facilitate guests.

Portals and Tour Operators Partner 1

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Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l. offers a wide after-sale service at the end of the tourist stay that aims to retain customers for any upcoming trips for them and for their friends and relatives. This service also aims to encourage positive feedbacks in tourist and tour-operator's portals. It is not possible to forget that obtaining positive feedbacks allows to significantly increase the occupancy rate of the property, since by increasing the customer's appreciation, the reservation is also stimulated in case of uncertainty.
It is advisable to insure the property used for tourism with an excellent insurance that protects the owner against any damage caused to third parties or any damage third parties may get inside the apartment. Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l., through its insurance broker can assist you in taking out an ad-hoc insurance policy, specifically created for non-hotel accomodation complementary units. In this way, the owner can manage his apartment in total tranquility and safeguard the property over the years.

Award Winner 2015 - 2021 (

Booking Award 2015 Venice Italy Booking Award 2016 Venice Italy Booking Award 2017 Venice Italy Booking Award 2018 Venice Italy Booking Award 2021 Venice Italy

Also this year we have received with pleasure, by the world tour operator, our Guest Review Awards which is a symbol of excellence. This shows that among more than 800,000 structures on the portal, our real estate agency is able to ensure the guests a fantastic holiday experience.

Accomodate in our apartments, every day, different people from all over the world is not always easy, but this is further evidence that we know how to make our guests feel special.

Only booking management!

Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l., thanks to its booking center in cooperation with tour operators and external companies, is able to offer the “only booking” management. This service is open to all landlords who already conduct or wish to conduct independently their own property for tourist use, but who wish to unload the entire reservation management, correspondence with guests and the numerous bureaucratic requirements.

The "only booking" management include:

- inclusion of your property on all major (and not) tour operators
- management of all correspondence with guests
- filling in the form for statistical data (required)
- compilation of the police headquarters module (required)
- compilation of quarterly reports (required)
- establishment of the annual report (required)
The "only booking" service is available in Venice but also throughout the rest of the country. In fact, thanks to e-services provided by the police, Apt and various municipality for the payment of residence tax and the annual and quarterly reports (where applicable), we can operate without a real office or branch in the various Italian cities of art (i.e. Rome, Florence, Bologna, etc.)
The web portals used for the "only booking" service are the same we use for the complete management of the property, among all we mention the most known:, Airbnb,, Expedia, Wimdu, HomeAway, Tripadvisor. Obviously we also use less popular portals in the Italian territory, but widely used by European and global customers.

Temporary housing, holiday homes, production awards for businesses, organizations, associations

Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l. (real estate in Venice) studies customized solutions for institutions, companies, associations in need of temporary housing for their staff, or holiday homes to share among employees or simple "productivity bonus packages".

Taking advantage of the low season or long leases (to be shared among various employees) it is possible to get very favorable prices for very comfortable apartments, centrally located in Venice.

Examples of properties in Venice suited to companies