Expanding foreign market for luxury apartments too

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International web marketing strategies for sales:

  • targeted visualization of a real estate in a specified area of any city in the world
  • visualization of the real estate based on interests, age, sex, geographic origin of the user and his/her research time
  • visualization of the real estate based on the presumed financial situation of the user through the use of cookies and shared Google databases
  • visualization of the real estate based on the researches of analogous listings in the last 30 days, once again through the use of cookies.

Venice is a legacy of the whole Humanity and it therefore draws the eye of investors from all over the world. That's the reason why Ve.N.I.CE. Immobiliare Cera's web site, since its first day, offers the chance to be browsed in English too, thus reaching an international audience. The potential customer willing to contact us after having visited our website will be able to count on our staff perfectly capable of assisting him/her in English too. Through the years our Agency decided to increase its focus on the foreign/overseas clientele, including the Russian market, continuously expanding and made up by wealthy customers, in love with luxury and Made in Italy. Suffice to say that, when it comes to Russian investors’ favourite countries, Italy ranks third, and it is even second when it comes to luxury investments. For these reasons the website www.venice-cera.it is advertised both in English and Russian. To give our Agency- and therefore our clients' flats, shops and offices- more visibility we've been investing in Google targeted indexing destined to this catchment area.

Sell your mansion in Italy and abroad thanks to Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera's visibility

International marketing for prestigious properties

Venice enjoys a daily flow of people coming from all over the world, among whom there are investors of every nationality and type, sometimes even just passing through. If you're listing a property there's nothing better than a daily showcase in the heart of the city!

  • Advertise it on the screens of our showroom in Campo Santo Stefano, right in the heart of the city
  • All-day multilingual front desk at the ground floor available to give any information to the transients
  • A company that's been rooted in Venice for more than 40 years, specialized in international customers
  • Italian and international world-class real estate marketing

In order to sell an important real estate you need a buyer that is just as important.

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