Venice in the triumphant luxury of times gone by…

The Venetian soil is a cradle of riches of spiritual and material value which does not come only from the glorious past as a Republic and a commercial hub of global importance, but also from the ability to re-evaluate certain areas according to the needs of time without leaving them in a state of neglect or environmental degradation partly already present due to frequent sea swings. Guaranteeing a wide choice of luxury properties, Venice is certainly an advantage that only a few cities in the world can offer and if it is supported by a professional real estate consultancy service, can only be placed at the top of this sector.

Having filed the necessary premises, it happens more and more often to run across any area, in palaces, or portions of them renovated and equipped with those essential services to better enjoy everyday life. These luxury properties in Venice are not for everyone, but they have details that certainly do not go unnoticed: panoramic views, living rooms with fireplaces, walls and floors with precious coverings, sunny gardens etc. In short, the specific weight of elegance can in one way or another make the difference.

Keeping faith with the noble and commercial past of the golden age characterized by the activity of historical families of the community, similar habitation modules (and even warehouses) further enrich famous areas such as, Castello and San Marco. And they facilitate the search for a context that is as comfortable as possible. However, the charm of Venice and the immense territorial conformation can also transcend from the usual paths; as a consequence, the discovery of some currently undervalued prestige crenellation that with the right modifications would be able to satisfy both the eye and the wallet could not be at all random.