Venice a place to live in harmony

Venice, as we know, is a small architectural jewel, strong and above all a unique style that only with the passing of the years and the pathological changes typical of a city just above sea level, has managed to refine the immense historical baggage. cultural heritage in its possession, thus finding the confirmation of prestigious awards including international ones. Moreover, the use of drastic remedies aimed at resolving the critical issues related to the unstable surface of the lagoon gave the definitive impulse for the construction and the consequent locability of buildings and apartments to the benefit of the overall demographic data.

The number of apartments in Venice is quite high, offering a wide range of choices.

The current town planning splits the Italian town in the historic center where the main beauties of the place are concentrated and the part on the mainland stretches for over 130 kilometers; certainly, Venice does not lack apartments! For those who decide to live the Venetian reality, whether temporarily or permanently especially conscious of the myriad of possibilities related to routine fun entertainment and the deepening that only Venice can offer, it becomes necessary to evaluate the residential availability without any awe towards the figures that this choice inevitably requires. On the other hand, the ‘sestieri’, ‘calli’, courts, the fields and so on, keep a wide range of solutions to be evaluated carefully considering the variations to which the surrounding tides are subject.

As mentioned before, the apartments in Venice reflect Venetian architecture in a happy relation between nature and the work of man; so it is not surprising that next to the classic dwelling models there are types of apartments that are invaded or even raised, precisely to cope with the phenomenon of sea swings and so fix the so-called middle sea, an extremely useful data for both the short and long period. An indicative parameter strictly necessary to avoid bad surprises.