The houses of Venice … a long dream

The deep historical soul of a city like Venice has managed to resist the invasive conditioning of progress thanks to a solid base of traditions, experiences and unique frontiers.

From the first settlements to the current modern age, the heterogeneous territory of the Venetian municipality testifies the happy coexistence between past, present and future without expiring in futile logistical compromises dictated above all by economic interests of all kinds. Also, because you as a serene client par excellence, knows well what it means to conclude business and transactions of a certain level and despite the change in the global market such an impressive legacy will never fade.

Speaking of unassailable foundations therefore, the reflection cannot but dwell on the so-called houses in Venice which in the collective imagination are a sort of link between heaven and earth (including water) romantically preserved to provide the next generations with a concrete testimony of the architectural baggage of the place. The most significant example able to warm the hearts and keep the consciences alive is without a doubt the classic house in Venice that overlooks the Grand Canal, equipped with large windows mullioned / mullioned, able to reflect the multiplicity of colors and everyday sensations of the Venetian municipality and crossed by majestic portals ready to welcome the merchant’s boats.

In addition, some of those that were once “Fonteghi” or “Fondachi”, have been adapted to the current needs of professionals and families leaving the load-bearing structures intact, fundamental to prevent dangers caused by the rise of the tides or by the seismic activity, although the latter stands on very low levels of guard. Techniques and extraordinary projects which even today one would be able to tell them in the construction planning of new neighboring areas, thus setting finally considerable standards for what concerns the timing and consumption now genuine victims of the increasingly rampant working laxity.