Why choose an exclusive relationship?

Why choose an exclusive relationship

It is not the quantity of people involved that increases the likelihood of a sale, but targeting the right kind of interest, reaching those with the correct budget and enthusiasm for the type of property on offer.

At a first and superficial analysis the aspiring seller might question the efficiency of a sole estate agent in contrast to entrusting their property to a number of different agencies. This is born from the false belief that limiting oneself to a non-binding agreement with numerous agents could allow one to reach a greater number of potential buyers. On the contrary, one should consider the fact that it is not the quantity of individuals involved that increases the possibility of a sale, despite their capabilities,

but that it is better to reach a selected target with the right budget, who will be truly interested in acquiring the kind of property on sale, instead of a large number of people who might be interested merely out of curiosity.

In addition, when a property has not been entrusted exclusively to one agency, there is the risk that no one makes adequate efforts to promote the property, since they have no clear economic obligations or time constraints to the seller.

Also if a potential buyer is found, why put him or her in the embarrassing situation of not knowing who to consult to make their offer? Every estate agency establishes their own conditions and this can give rise to unpleasant misunderstandings, above all if the property has been proposed to more than one agency by the same person but with different prices. This lack of transparency can also put off potential buyers. In the act of stipulating an exclusive contract with our agency, you instead have the certainty of being involved with our staff who will assist you step by step and who will share the same aim as you: the sale of the property within the time frame and by the means agreed.

Your House in Safe Hands

The factors to consider in order to correctly evaluate a property are multiple. For this reason it is important to entrust the property to an objective expert and try to give every detail the necessary attention.

Your House In Safe Hand Cera Real Estate

The exclusive mandate of the estate agent is one of great responsibility, which should correspond with maximum efforts made to conclude the sale in the agreed time scale. We thus guarantee every effort will be made to reach this common aim.

Giving an exclusive assignment to an estate agent means fully entrusting the agency with the task of selling the property, for a limited and prearranged period of time. This guarantees numerous and self-evident benefits in respect to giving the assignment to more than one agency,

or attempting to sell the property independently. Thus it is in our client's interests to guarantee our competence in achieving this mutual goal, even if our commission will be applied only in the event of sale.

At our own expense we will invest considerable funds to give your property the best possible visibility, with focused and strategic publicity. Visits to the property will be carried out exclusively by the personnel of the agency, with the certainty that the keys will never be given to strangers.

For these reasons Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera negotiates only selected and exclusive proposals and does not deal with hundreds of offers, but a limited number that ensures that we can give the appropriate attention to every single property. Having an exclusive relationship with all our properties has been the winning formula that has allowed us, with the passage of time (and now more than ever), to distinguish ourselves in a market that is becoming ever more chaotic, unprofessional and above all un-clear.