A holiday in Venice? Rent an independent apartment…

Being one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, Venice makes its hospitality one of the fulcrums on which the entire economy of the lagoon rests. The events and places of interest are so many that often the availability of common accommodation facilities is not enough to guarantee a lasting and satisfying stay to the continuous inflow of tourists coming from every corner of the globe. What to do then to prevent the presence, and the deepening of an authentic cradle of art and history to only fleeting and superficial? It is much easier to find apartments for rent in Venice and have thus, having one’s own freedom.

Given the current difficulties of the sector in being able to place almost permanently a real estate of any kind, many real estate agencies have decided to significantly expand the range of rentable housing modules. The dual purpose of this inevitable market strategy is to increase an already large number of visitors prompting them to seriously evaluate the hypothesis of a long stay and not losing the Venetian atmosphere; and to limit the worrying data of the demographic depopulation. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is fueled by numerous factors, but it is still far from reaching an irreversible stage

The areas that fully respond to this rental activity encircle the heart of the ancient Serenissima, displacing very well also on the islands like that of Giudecca. However, do not underestimate the opportunities of areas with ancient breath-taking (Piazza S. Marco above all) as well as centers of frenetic artistic and cultural initiatives able to provide a comfortable and equitable alternative. Therefore, we can say that apartments for rent in Venice are many, just look around. Homogenizing, at least in this sense, the Venetian territory is the only effective path and the perspective emerged from the latest studies concerning the further affirmation of the tertiary sector on the other social-economic areas. Rented apartments in Venice cannot help but improve the variety of a real logistic remedy.