Grand opening of the Accademia Bridge and the Biennale Film Festival

Wednesday August 29th: grand opening of the Accademia Bridge and the Biennale Film Festival, the 75th International Film Festival which will take place on the Lido of Venice until Sept. 8th 2018.

On Wednesday August 29th the Accademia Bridge will be returned to the city. The bridge has been totally refurbished thanks to Luxottica Group that has contributed to finance the restauration works. The refurbishment has been carried out by skilful local workers of Aziende Salmastrari and Pasqualacci who worked for 11 months to give back to the city the 2nd most important bridge that spans the Grand Canal. Back to its old splendour the bridge is ready for the Regata Storica the most important event of the Venetian calendar scheduled on September 2nd,

Like every year the spectacular historical water pageantry will display hundreds of historical rowing boats with costumed gondoliers who, while revoking the city’s glorious past, will take the Doge, the Dogaressa (Doge’s wife) and other personalities along the Grand Canal.  Not only will they enjoy the view of the Accademia bridge in its refurbished look, but they will sail also under the Rialto bridge which has been recently restored thanks to the sponsorship of Renzo Rosso (OTB Group) and the expertise in preservative restoration of the Venetian companies Lares, Lithos and Setten.

The “Voga alla Veneta” competitions organised for the event are divided according to the age of the participants and the type of boats. The most exciting and popular contest will be with no doubt the challenge between the “champions of the oar” . They will speed along the Grand Canal on colourful “gondolini” under the Rialto and Accademia bridges to the finishing line of the floating scenographic stage located right in front of Palazzo Ca’ Foscari.

August 29th sees also the grand opening of the Venice Film Festival, the international movie event with film-makers, celebrities and films coming from all over the world.

No need to say that the many international guests arriving in the lagoon for the important kermesse will enjoy the look of the “new” Accademia bridge during the traditional water journey towards the Lido of Venice.