Venice and its prestigious events, all to see (click here)

Besides the well-known historical and cultural apparatus that feeds, in large part, the fate of the city administration, Venice can boast of an important calendar of annual events that is able to upgrade its varieties according to the tastes and trends of the moment. The indisputable comerstones of this happy tradition are without a doubt the Biennale, the Carnival, the Boat Show and the Venice Film Festival. We could count also the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics, but their echo is slightly less than that of the events listed above, because they are linked to aspects which, more or less, amplify the primary and spasmodic neeed of the modern man: the material satisfaction.

The events that attract thousands of tourists every year on a regular basis are reason to believe that the best housing solution would be looking for studios for sale in Venice.

However, the events have the success they deserve because they are distributed in several days, or even weeks; therefore, it is practically impossible to hope to live the essence without considering the idea of a short or a medium stay in Venice. An obvious choice, among other things, for the so-called insider, who after covering kilometers and kilometers to reach the ancient Serenissima, certainly cannot rely on the mere commuting. Owning one of the studios for sale in Venice would solve the problem of continuous visits to participate in various events.

Subsequently, a studio is extremely useful: it is a type of dwelling located in precise important areas of the Venetian city. From Castello to Dorsoduro Da Castello a Dorsoduro, passing through the Lido, the studio is able to offer, at an affordable price, the same services that can be found in an accomodation facility, whose prices, especially in periods regarding the aforementioned events, go sky high. Availability and attention to the surrounding elements, also make this residential model an excellent lifeline. And in a moment of crisis, it is certainly a good thing.