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When in 800 BC, a swampy and unknown environment became the basis of what, over the centuries, would became a multi-faceted reality, characterized by huge success that have marked, more or less, the history of humanity, no one dared to imagine a future dominated by the partially unresolved question of the real estate lease. The properties for sale in Venice are a problem that many brokerage channels are trying to remedy, in the hope of avoiding the continuation of a decline in the attractiveness in terms of new – and, unfortunately, even old – residents.

The context, as can be seen, not only affects the houses, but also premises for commercial activities, sometimes hitting historica brands that have in hand the fundamental reins of the Venetian economy, and blocking – as a result – the flow of cash needed. Not surprisingly, allarming figures attest to a rapid aging of the population, due to the lack of an adequate number of facilities and services related to the person (nursery, kindergartens and post offices). Knowing this downtrend the real estate agencies, as well as organizatins and entrepreneurial initiatives, are working seriously to counterbalance the situation positively, trying to advertise the largest number of properties for sale in Venice.

In order to overcome certain logistical deficiencies many methods of sale and rent are customized to attract more potential buyers. Located in areas like San Polo or Carpenedo the variety cuts by far the average price, but also prestigious solutions are offered if you’re looking for the typical beauty of the lagoon territory. The scenario and the current remedies does not jeopardize an auspicious regeneration, and they are the children of an administrative policy aware of the critical modernity.