In order to ensure that the properties we represent enjoy the right visibility, our internet website (already in its fifth edition) is carefully taken care of so that it appears amongst the first results of online searches of properties in Venice.

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Internet to reach a wide audience

In the last twenty years the internet has become an indispensable instrument for promoting properties and for reaching a vast public all over the world. In order to ensure that all our estate proposals enjoy the right visibility, our website is constantly updated and taken care of in every detail, so that it appears amongst the first online search results of properties in Venice.



All our web more and more Seo-Friendly

In order to obtain concrete results in the chaotic world of the web, it is not sufficient to limit oneself to only publishing advertisements online, but to follow precise and well adapted rules.

We have employed and we continue to dedicate, every day, dozens and dozens of hours to make our website, all the ads and the content published on the web more and more Seo-Friendly.

“The term SEO-Friendly (English Search Engine Optimizazion, in acronym SEO) in the internet language means all those activities designed to achieve the best detection, analysis and reading of the web site by search engines through their spider, in order to improve (or maintain) a high ranking pages in response to the query of the web users. The SEO activities allows easy retrieval of the site by users who seek on the engines and normally determines the increase in qualified traffic volume (users specifically interested) ”

All this is guaranteed by the competence and constant dedication of one of our team who employs themselves daily in obtaining the highest level of online visibility.

Our website: a great internet portal rich in resources

The website is not reserved solely to the possible buyer, but can also be used as a rich source of resources for the owners of properties of Venice. There is an archive of the best firms that work in sectors tied to the property market (restoration, building works, carpentry works, plumbing etc) who have been selected over the years and who we recommend to our clients, as well as the section ‘living in Venice’ that we propose as a guide for those who choose to invest in the most beautiful city in the world.