How much is my house in Venice worth?

Venice is a unique city and her property patrimony is the same. The elements that make up the evaluation of a property are so numerous that they can significantly change the value of a square meter in the same area or in the same building.

quanto vale la mia casa a venezia

Replying to this question is not simple and when one is referring to the properties in the historic center of Venice it becomes almost impossible! The variables to consider are multiple when considering how to quantify the right price and the value of the market.

It is normal that all of us on the verge of selling our property wish to achieve the best possible price. Frequently, however, we are led to believe that it is has a greater value than it really does, something exacerbated by the emotional factor of selling a property.

By consequence, often the property is put onto the market with an excessive price and it remains there for too long, with greater costs of upkeep, deterioration (if the property is not habitable) and subsequently a fall in the price. A sale completed in a reasonable time scale is surely more convenient even if sometimes we achieve a price lower than expected, both for the reasons mentioned above, but also because completing the sale allows one to quickly realise other projects such as buying another smaller or larger habitation depending upon our needs, rather than persisting in the hope of achieving an amount that could possibly be reached only after significant amounts of time (sometimes years), or never at all!

How is a property evaluated?

The factors to consider in order to correctly evaluate a property are multiple. For this reason it is important to entrust the property to an objective expert and try to give every detail the necessary attention.

come si stima un immobile

The evaluation is a combination of assessments made in order to establish the commercial value of a property at a precise moment. Hence the estimation of a property has a temporal value and even after a year, maybe even less, it will have thus lost its accuracy.

We attempt to give suggestions and logistical information to everyone and we urge our clients to take into account important factors necessary for the formation of the final price. We also encourage our clients to consider the negative factors of their property, these are often undervalued by sellers, but will instead be taken into crucial consideration by potential buyers.

Departing from the presumption that the city of Venice is one of a kind and considering also its property patrimony as such, we insist on the fact that the variables of a property in Venice are so numerous that they can alter the value of a square meter considerably, even in the same area and in the same building.  Only experience and knowledge of the local market can allow for the correct evaluation of a property. Often the estimated value is inaccurate, due to the desires of the owners and the inexpert advice of some estate agents, particularly in this period of a slow market. Choosing a local agent with many years experience is surely a good start. Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera will guide you through any difficulties and allow for a correct evaluation of the property. We are at your disposition for free and reliable evaluations that are carried out professionally and with seriousness.

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