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Notary Venezia: Bianchini Anna
Cannaregio, 2143 – 30121
Tel: 041 5242458 – Fax 041 5240919
e-mail: anna.bianchini@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Candiani Carlo
S. Marco, 1165/A – 30124
Tel: 041 5222140 – Fax 041 5286135
e-mail: ccandiani@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Catapano Alessandra Luciana
San Marco n. 4597 – 30124
Tel: 041 2960315 – Fax 041 2417288
e-mail: acatapano@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Chiaruttini Paolo
S. Marco, 4410 – 30124
Tel: 041 2410239 – Fax 041 5287672
e-mail: pchiaruttini@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Doria Pierpaolo
S. Marco, Calle degli Avvocati n. 3912 – 30124
Tel: 041 5222204 – Fax 041 5222438
e-mail: pdoria@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Minazzi Aurelio
S. Marco, 1812 – 30124
Tel: 041 5225035 – Fax 041 5286659
e-mail: aminazzi@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Sandi Massimo Luigi
S. Marco, 4017 – 30124
Tel: 041 5230832 – Fax 041 5205150
e-mail: msandi@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Sarti Monica
S. Marco, 1672 – 30124
Tel: 041 5287289 – Fax 041 5220538
e-mail: msarti@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Semi Maria Luisa
S. Marco, 4783 – 30124
Tel: 041 5231800 – Fax 041 5286366
e-mail: msemi@notariato.it

The Notaries of Venice: Zorzi Cristina
S. Croce, 2122 – 30135
Tel: 041 2750384 – Fax 041 2750148
e-mail: czorzi@notariato.it

See also the website of the Notary Council of Venice (www.consiglionotarilevenezia.it)
Definition from Wikipedia
A notary (or in the ancient diction, still sometimes used, notary) is a freelance professional and at the same time a public official, special figure foreseen by the law to favor the capillary registration of the documents (usually private law) stipulated among the citizens, a complement and instrument and in a general delegation of the register function provided by the state.

In Italian law, in fact, according to what the art. 1 of the law of 16 February 1913 n. 89 (so-called “notarial law”), notaries are public officers established to receive acts between living and last will, to give them public faith, to keep their deposit, to issue copies, certificates and extracts.

The notarial deed, unlike a private deed, is opposable to third parties. The cheaper contract between private individuals is only valid between the contracting parties

For its function of public utility, the notary is not a mere business activity and is subject to antitrust rules and the principles of free competition under a specific regime. The existence of a professional register and a reference rate card cannot be sanctioned as a form of cartel.

The “Immobiliare CERA” Real Estate is in the center of Venice, at Campo Santo Stefano.
For more information and contacts:
Immobiliare Cera s.r.l.
Campo S.Stefano 2956
e-mail: a.cera@venice-cera.it


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