A 360° Agency

Whether you wish to sell, lease, or use your property for tourist rentals, our expert team will guide you through the process with care and attention.

Ve.N.I.Ce  Immobiliare Cera is the result of more than thirty five years in the sector of estate brokering and today has been recognized by the Real Estate Observation Agency ‘Nomisma’ for providing information on the tendencies and fashions of the Venetian real estate market.

Upon entering our offices, situated in the heart of Venice in the splendid Campo Santo Stefano (civic number 2956, 2959), you will be greeted by a serious and expert team who will help you with whatever your property desire might be with attention and diligence. Whether you wish to sell, lease, or use your property for tourist rentals, our Agency will help you with all the necessary assistance. From a free evaluation without any obligation, to the completion of the actual bureaucratic process, we go beyond the traditional role of the real estate broker, guaranteeing our clients complete assistance in all technical, legal, economic and financial aspects, in order to make the experience of selling or renting as simple and reliable as possible.

VE.N.I.CE. IMMOBILIARE CERA – tourist apartments, selling and renting, estate feasibility, property management, land registry checks, estate promotions, contract drafts, free evaluations, fiscal and legislative advice.

Our Offices

Our offices are found in the heart of the San Marco district, situated in the splendid Campo Santo Stefano, where our team works to assist you to the highest standard.

The Exclusive Show Room

A few steps from our offices, at number 2956, our show room presents all the properties that we represent in real time.

agenzia immobiliare venezia showroom

Why Choose Us?

With more than thirty five years of experience, we offer our clients a privileged relationship based on trust and competence, fundamental values that have always distinguished our agency.

agenzia immobiliare venezia vendite locazioni affitti appartamenti turistici
Selling or buying a property is an important investment both from the economic and the emotional point of view. Therefore, entrusting this role to someone reliable is indispensable for having all the necessary support. Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera offers her clients a privileged relationship based on trust and competence, fundamental values that have always distinguished our Agency. In the course of the years this has allowed us to construct a broad and solid portfolio of clients, both local and foreign, who have chosen to entrust us with their property requests. To guarantee the best possible service to our clients we operate exclusively with them, working with a selected number of properties to which we can dedicate all the necessary attention, from the first visit to the negotiations, from the procurement of the documentation to the drafting of the contract.
In order to ensure that the properties we represent have the correct level of visibility our team continually work to update the changes in the market and follow the correct strategies. We dedicate significant investment in publicity, both multimedia and published, in Italy and abroad. In addition to constant research in the field of marketing and attention given to a variety of publicity methods, what marks us out is the level of trust we enjoy with our clientele. Their satisfaction has led to our reputation being bolstered by word of mouth, the most affective form of promotion.

Between Innovation and Tradition

Our agency promotes their selected choice of properties using all the most effective traditional methods, as well as the most innovative and advanced instruments of web marketing.

agenzia immobiliare venezia vendite locazioni affitti
Advertising is the soul of business. When one chooses to sell their property it is necessary to find a method that makes it known to all possible buyers, wherever they might be, in Venice, Italy or abroad. Ve.N.I.Ce Immobiliare Cera promotes her selected choice of properties using all the most efficient traditional methods (adverts in the most important newspapers, brochures and local distributions) and the most innovative and advanced instruments of web marketing.
After having arranged for the estimation of the properties that are entrusted to us, it is the moment to proceed with the preparation of the unità abitativa form: with clearness and precision our team of experts will collect the plans, draw up an accurate description, and photograph the property so that all the most positive aspects of the site are highlighted, in order to render it more attractive in the eyes of the future buyer. At this point it is now possible to release the property onto the market using focused advertisements in the most important property publications, an advert on our website, a position in all the principal property portals and utilization of our ample portfolio of clients.

The Assistance of the Internet

In order to ensure that the properties we represent enjoy the right visibility, our internet website (already in its fifth edition) www.venice-cera.it is carefully taken care of so that it appears amongst the first results of online searches of properties in Venice.

venice agenzia immobiliare venezia
In the last twenty years the internet has become an indispensable instrument for promoting properties and for reaching a vast public all over the world. In order to ensure that all our estate proposals enjoy the right visibility, our website www.venice-cera.it is constantly updated and taken care of in every detail, so that it appears amongst the first online search results of properties in Venice. In fact, in order to obtain concrete results in the chaotic world of the web, it is not sufficient to limit oneself to only publishing advertisements online, but to follow precise and well adapted rules for the specific devices in order to achieve the best surveys, analysis and reading of the website by the research engines (in technical language, search engine optimization). All this is guaranteed by the competence and constant dedication of one of our team who employs themselves daily in obtaining the highest level of online visibility.
The www.venice-cera.it website is not reserved solely to the possible buyer, but can also be used as a rich source of resources for the owners of properties of Venice. There is an archive of the best firms that work in sectors tied to the property market (restoration, building works, carpentry works, plumbing etc) who have been selected over the years and who we recommend to our clients, as well as the section ‘living in Venice’ that we propose as a guide for those who choose to invest in the most beautiful city in the world.

The Strategies of Web Marketing

Today the internet is fundamental for publicizing properties using focused and efficient campaigns.

The attention to web marketing of Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera does not limit itself to having an excellent website, but it translates into important economic investments to guarantee the presence of your property in all the most popular estate portals and for publicizing them online using focused and efficient campaigns.

Estate portals

These are the websites that collect all the property announcements throughout Italy, classified by location, typology, price etc. They are subdivided into portals that are both free and subject to a cost. These are the websites that are used the most by those searching for a property to buy. An effective and precise description, numerous and captivating photographs, efficiency and politeness in responding to the questions of potential buyers; these are the characteristics that mean that the announcements published by our agency will attract the attention of the public.

Natural Search

This is visibility in merit of the various search engines and the importance of the website, of the quality of the information contained within and the age of the website. Our website enjoys excellent results obtained despite the enormous competitiveness of the Venetian estate market, where it can enter into conflict with hotel searches in the city.

Banner & link

This is the online evolution of publicity campaigns and they are directed by and publicised by our agency and by consequence the properties that we represent. In the course of the years we have chosen to invest in targeted campaigns and a target of possible buyers, whose visits to our website will be dictated by a real interest, that can be translated into an eventual sale, and not by a general public, visiting our site possibly by mistake. For this reason the number of visitors that we register on our website is composed of users that are truly motivated and interested in what we promote: your house.

Keyword advertising

This is advertising on the basis of key words, that is words searched by the user through search engines. Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera has acquired from the principal search engines visibility spaces (links and sponsored adverts) in order to be prioritised in the results of searches made that concern the estate market in Venice. This investment is also intended to maximize the visitors to our website and launch a direct message to the users who are more likely to buy a house.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

The term optimisation in internet terminology means activity tied to obtaining the best collection of data, analysis and reading of the website by the search engines. SEO activity allows the website to be easily found by the user and determines the increase of the volume of qualified traffic (users that are really interested) that a website receives through search engines. As with a racing car, the optimisation of small details can make it much faster than the others and thus also a winner. In the same way our website is efficiently organised and has been optimized thanks to the attention of our webmaster to all the small details that can make the difference (keywords, met tags, landing page etc) both in Italian as well as in other foreign languages.

Web Marketing: an in-depth analysis

This brief article aims to give an idea of my conception of web marketing, perhaps obvious for someone employed in this line of work, but interesting for all clients who wish to entrust us with the job of selling or letting or who are preparing to do so.

Speaking of web marketing opens numerous arguments that are specifically tied to the real estate sector. For the time being however, I wish to limit myself to concentrating on one of the most banal yet important elements; the number of visitors or better, the contacts of an estate agent website. The idea has become ever more popular that the higher the number of visitors to an estate website the more likely that buyers will gravitate to that specific agency…yet this is not the case! For many years now I have continued to think and say, and time has further confirmed this opinion, that it is not the number of visitors to a website that is important but the quality of the client who consults our announcements. Analysing the websites of competitors throughout our peninsula, I see ever more websites or estate portals with an elevated amount of traffic, yet they often they do not realise that they could have a ‘bounce rate’ (that is the amount of visits to the entrance page of a website that result in the user immediately leaving it) equal to seventy or eighty percent, and thus the real level of interest of visitors is in reality very low!

Clients that are truly interested in making an investment or simply looking to rent a property in the city of Venice are numerous, yet, at the same time, dividing the simply curious from those with real intentions  of buying closes this circle considerably. What I am hoping to express is that a traffic that is too high (and nevertheless we do benefit from a high level of traffic) is often synonymous with bad marketing and visits to the website often do not convert into real sales or rentals.

An example that might help you to understand the concept of this idea could be a simple publicity campaign (the classic banner) placed inside a portal with a strong rate of traffic such as EXE Vanityfair.it or Victoriassecret.com if we are talking about abroad, with a duration of thirty days at a hypothetic price of 1000 euro. Then we take a niche portal such as contribute-casa-venezia.it and investmentoverseas.com (hypothetically) for abroad at the same price of 1000 euro for thirty days. At the end of these thirty days one could analyse without surprise that the visits to websites with high traffic resulted in proportionally low web conversion rates, maintaining nonetheless a high number of final visits. In contrast with the niche portals we would have a low level of traffic but a very high level of web conversion rates and also a limited final number of visits. However, unlike the first case this second example would reveal itself to be much more profitable in terms of eventual visits to the properties and eventual conversion into sales or rentals.

In light of what has been said we have thus evaluated the origins of our targeted campaigns!

The example of those wishing to do an image campaigns is different, yet sadly this is ever less popular due to budget limitations and the ever diminishing importance given to the image of one’s business, something that we nevertheless continue to promote.

The International Market in Expansion

Grazie al nostro sito internet multilingua siamo da sempre presenti nel mercato internazionele.

agenzia immobiliare venezia mercato estero in espansione vendite

Thanks to our multilingual website we are always represented on the international market.

Venice is part of the world’s humanity and for this reason attracts real estate investors from throughout the world. For this reason the website of Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera, from its conception has offered the possibility to be navigated in English and is capable of reaching an international public. Any potential client that contacts us can rest assured that our staff will be perfectly capable of assisting them in English.

In addition, in the course of recent years our agency has decided to open up specifically to the Russian market: one that is in strong expansion and made up of a public with excellent economic possibilities, lovers of luxury and Made in Italy.  It is enough to remember that Italy is the third favourite country of Russian investors and the second regarding luxury investments. For these reasons the website www.venice-cera.it is also translated into Russian and all the transactions with Russian buyers are carried out with a mother tongue interpreter.

In order to make our agency known, and therefore the properties of our clients, from some time we have begun advertisement campaigns on Google destined to attract this new group of investors.

Press Communications

New technology has opened up innovative communication possibilities that nevertheless do not substitute the traditional media: they work beside it and they strengthen it.

comunicazione stampata venice immobiliare cera venezia

New technology has opened up innovative communication possibilities that nevertheless do not substitute the traditional media: they work beside it and they strengthen it.
Even if the cutting edge of marketing is ever more oriented towards the digital, one must not forget that we live in a material world and thus Ve.N.I.Ce Cera Immobiliare does not ignore the traditional publicity methods that remain relevant. They generate important results both from the point of view of reaching new clients and for image return.
In the course of the years our agency has selected the most important and best represented newspapers and magazines in which to publish our announcements.


It is difficult to walk through Venice without noticing one of the advertisements for our agency that are placed in all the most important areas of the city, from the vaporetto boat stops to waste bins.
With us your property will benefit from a placement that is constantly exposed to the city.

Personalised Gadgets

PTO (advertising through objects) is an effective instrument for being observed by a precise market in a discreet and personalized manner: using small quality gifts our agency will be remembered by all our potential new clients.