Investing in Venice (click here)

Investing in Venice today is definitely a great deal, because in recent years large groups of national and international investors have concluded and are preparing to conclude real estate purchases of major importance also with building restoration commitments, with destinations mainly addressed to tourism business but also cultural.
Today there is a great interest in Venice, which is viewed by tourism at all levels as a beautiful cultural city of art and nature, on a human scale, car-free and therefore unique in the world.
These peculiarities determine the growing demand for stays in Venice, with the result of a big interest from tourism investors but also others; there is a multitude of investors who would like to own even a small apartment to spend in every moment of the year some days of their free time, walking, visiting museum and relaxing.
It is obvious that such a real estate market can only be growing, but unfortunately with very small offers, insufficient to meet the demands of those who wish to purchase either at certain levels in prestigious areas, but also with limited budgets, chosing apartments in popular areas but typical, where you can find the true “Venetian daily life” now lost in tourist areas such as St. Mark.
All those who purchase in Venice feel lucky to be able to stay in such a wonderful city, with many problems but stil beautiful, and still have the certainty that the investments responds to personal enjoymnet need, income opportunities and constant re-evaluation of capital.