The feast of the Redentore (click here)

The feast of the Redentore on the island of the Giudecca is one of the biggest and most important festivals for the Venetians. It is celebrated every year on the Saturday that precedes the third Sunday of July. It recalls the construction of the church of the Redentore, built to celebrate the end of the plague that between 1575 and 1577 led to the decimation of more than a third of the inhabitants of the city. As well as the construction of a votive church, the event came to be celebrated with the erection of a votive bridge that would tie the Giudecca to the Zattere, running from the church of the Holy Spirit to that of the Redentore, or Christ the Redeemer. Thus pedestrian access across the canal allowed visitors to reach the Giudecca island directly by foot.

The feast of the Redentore