For over 35 years Ve.N.I.Ce. Immobiliare Cera s.r.l. rents apartments of various sizes to all students who study in Venice for their future.

All properties for students offerend by our real estate agency have a good standard and they are designed by the owner together with us to ensure that the number of sleeping accomodations suits the size of the apartment.

The correct number of students in the accomodation is crucial not only for the possible damage to the property, but especially for the livability and peaceful coexistence throughout the contract period. An apartment with the wrong number of students can bring tenants to live in a situation of stress and discomfort related to the lack of adequate common areas and for which, inevitably, threads will rise. We are convinced that even one more person can be the cause of severe problems of coexistence then spaces are not adequate.

Requests for students are generally for a minium of 12 months’ period, with some exceptions where 10/11 months are required.

Advantages in renting an apartment to students

Selected students for a safe and without problems location
Certainty of having the availability of the property, without committing to long periods
Rental fees sometimes higher then transitional or residential contracts
Tolerance for a more basic quality of the property (furniture / finishings)


Services for the owner in student rentals

One of the added values of the intermediation service in student rentals is the continuous assistance to owners and tenants, from the conclusion of the contract (and the relative handover of property) to the termination of it. More specifically, here belowa list of the main activities carried out by our real estate agency:

Visit to the apartment and selection of possible tenants
Rent proposal and check of documents (tax and personal data)
Signature and conclusion of the contract
Registration of the contract at “Agenzia delle Entrate”
Communication to the police headquarters in case of non-EU students
Handover of property and subsequent future closing of the apartment
Signing and verification of the handover report
Filling the checklist about the state of the property (on opening and closing)
Phone calls filtering and mediation between the owner and the tenant(s) during the contract period
Household calculation
Ticket service
Support, advice and coordination in the purchase of new appliances / furniture in case of failure or breakage

Technical issues

In many cases our support can sole the most common problems that may occur during the rental period.

At the time of the handover of the property, a photographic set of the various systems in the apartment is made (ie. boiler and related controls, any shut-off valves, electrical/water/gas meters, electrical panels, etc.)

In this way, the real estate agency in case of failure or malfunction can proceed with the first telephone checks to identify the damage or the problem together with the tenant.

Some examples of hydraulic tests carried out by us

Check limestone occlusion and small debris from the filters of the taps
Check the pressure of the heater (in case of block)
Check any air in the radiators (if any vent valves)
Check any limestone occlusion in the heater exchanger
Check, in case of loss of the heater, the correct closure of load valve, etc.

Some examples of electrical tests carried out by us

Check, in case of black-out, of the power failure, Enel socket, lifesaving, power/light differentials, any generic differentials, etc.
Disconnection tests on all appliances for identification of any short-circuit, etc.

In many cases where the telephone support is not enough to solve the issue, we are still able to identify the damage. Consequently, it will be possible to send the most suitable technician with the eventual piece parts necessary or at least with a clear idea of the repair to perform on-site.